Project Management plays a vital role in ensuring the success of your training program. At Great LearningWorks, our project management team works closely with everyone involved in your project.

At the client level, we work to clearly define everything within the project lifecycle from concept to delivery. This includes providing a project proposal and cost analysis based on your business objectives. Once the proposal has been approved by your team, we provide you with a project plan detailing the budget and delivery schedule.

During the design phase, the project manager works closely with the instructional design team to ensure that all learning objectives and curricula outlines are properly aligned with your business objectives. Throughout this detailed process, our project manager monitors the health of your project, manages timelines, resolves issues, and negotiates conflicting priorities. Together with the instructional designer, we schedule the review of each design element with the stakeholder/subject matter expert (SME) and get their sign-off before advancing to the development phase.

In the development phase, we employ a rigorous review process for our eLearning modules including a review by the instructional designer, a peer review by another developer, and further review by our internal QA team prior to review and final approval by the stakeholder/SME. Our project manager documents any change to the scope, budget, or schedule and communicates this to the stakeholder/SME as needed through the delivery of the project.