Instructional Design

Superior Instructional Design
At Great LearningWorks, we believe in learning that engages and motivates students to apply themselves while activating their brain power! Our instructional design is interactive, fun, and motivates learners to retain information. This results in higher levels of effectiveness that enhance the value of your program.

Our team of instructional designers and developers form the cornerstone of our eLearning department. Each member has 10+ years of experience in the eLearning and training fields and utilizes Articulate Storyline, Adobe eLearning Suite, and other technology-based authoring tools to develop effective and appealing training content. They are highly skilled at translating written content into visual description (graphics, animations, interactive charts and graphs, and video-based scenarios) and working hand in hand with clients and subject matter experts throughout the creative development process.

With all of the training options we offer, clients are able to select the level of service that meets their unique needs.